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80/90 Type B3 80 Type B4
Cabrio Type 89 Coupé Type 89
A1/S1 Type 8X A2 Type 8Z
A3 Type 8L S3 Type 8L
A3 Type 8P S3/RS3 Type 8P
A3 Type 8V A4 Type B5
S3/RS3 Type 8V S4/RS4 Type B5
A4 Type B6 A4 Typ B7
A4 Type B8 A4 Type B9
S4/RS4 Type B6/B7 S4/RS4 Type B8
S4/RS4 Type B9 100/A6/S6 Type C4
A5 Type B8 S5/RS5 Type B8
S5/RS5 Type B9 A5 Type B9
A6 Type 4B A6 Type 4F
A6 Type 4G A7 Type 4G/4G1
S6/RS6 Type 4F S6/RS6 Type 4B
S6/RS6 Type 4G S7/RS7 Type 4G
Allroad Type 4B Allroad Type 4F
Q2 Type GA Q3 Type 8U
Q5 Type 8R Q5 Type FY
Q7 Type 4L Q7 Type 4M
A8/S8 Type D2 A8/S8 Type 4E
A8 Type 4H TT Type 8N
TT Type 8J TT Type 8S
A4/S4/RS4 Cabrio Type 8H R8
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