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80/90 Type B3 80 Type B4
Cabrio Type 89 Coupé Type 89
A1 Type GB A1/S1 Type 8X
A2 Type 8Z A3 Type 8L
S3 Type 8L A3 Type 8P
S3/RS3 Type 8P A3 Type 8V
A4 Type B5 S3/RS3 Type 8V
S4/RS4 Type B5 A4 Type B6
A4 Typ B7 A4 Type B8
A4 Type B9 S4/RS4 Type B6/B7
S4/RS4 Type B8 S4/RS4 Type B9
100/A6/S6 Type C4 A5 Type B8
S5/RS5 Type B8 S5/RS5 Type B9
A5 Type B9 A6 Type 4B
A6 Type 4F A6 Type 4G
A6 Type 4K A7 Type 4G/4G1
A7 Type 4K S6/RS6 Type 4F
S6/RS6 Type 4B S6/RS6 Type 4G
S7/RS7 Type 4G Allroad Type 4B
Allroad Type 4F Q2 Type GA
Q3 Type 8U Q5 Type 8R
Q5 Type FY Q7 Type 4L
Q7 Type 4M Q8 Type 4M
A8/S8 Type D2 A8/S8 Type 4E
A8 Type 4H TT Type 8N
TT Type 8J TT Type 8S
A4/S4/RS4 Cabrio Type 8H R8
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